Distance Learning

Distance Learning Units (DLU’s) are designed to provide Foundations and Advanced courses for students who want to study at home at their own pace. Those aiming for certification are required to take one iteration of the Foundations course and the Practicum in person as well as completing DLU’s. For Advanced Certification, at least one Advanced Training must be completed in person.

The order for the Foundations series is:

1.       Distance Learning Unit on Pulse (this is the equivalent of the Self-Care component of the Foundations program);

2.       Module One Distance Learning Unit; and

3.       Module Two Distance Learning Unit.

DLU’s are carefully structured with exercises and guidance for learning. Students receive feedback on their completed exercises directly from Dr. Mines. Completion of the entire unit is required for the certification process.  Advanced DLU’s can be used for Advanced Certification and/or by students who want to further their learning. These are available to you if you complete the Foundations series. The Advanced Distance Learning Units are:

1.       The Depths;

2.       Resolving Prenatal and Birth Shock; and

3.       Cranial Treatment and the Social Engagement System.

Distance Learning Units

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